Expermimental, animated music video for the song "Birdcage" by You Man, 2020.

Little Blackhood
Fotonovela project. Reinterpretation of the fairy tale Little Redhood.
A production in cooperation with Clara Bricard.

Official music video production for the artists Eskapath & Hoppfrosch.
Concept Idea by Gabirel Wunderlich, camera X editing by Leonard Rokita, 2nd camera Anastasia Zeller
Free Music video production for the song "Places" by The Blaze.
Produced by Aina Ballesteros, Laura Castells, Leonard Rokita, Barcelona 2021

Das Finale — Musikfest Bremen
Recording of the final Concert at 30th Musikfest Bremen. At Glocke, 2019.
With Aurora Orchestra, Leonidas Kavakos, Nicholas Collon.

Bridges — Musikfest Bremen
Recording of the Surprise#2 concert at 30th Musikfest Bremen. At ELZ-Bremen.
With Jazz Ahmed Band UK, 2019

My master project. A critical fashion film about today's fast fashion consumption.
See more here!

Off Office
Fashion show video.
Fashion created by students from University of the arts Bremen Germany, 2015
Musik: David Weingärtner

Musikfest goes overseas — 30th Musikfest Bremen
Recording of the Surprise#1 concert at ELZ-Bremen.
With Metropole orkest, Big Band, Jezzmeia Horn, José James, Jules Buckley, 2019

Arp Schnittger — Festival VI
Recording of "Kommet her zu mir alle", Organ concert at 30th Musikfest Bremen, 2019.
With L' Armonia Sonora – Instrumentalensemble, Peter Kooij – Bass, Benjamin Alard – Orgel

Super 8 analog, voiceless experimental film, 2015
First screened by "Filmbüro Bremen" and set to live sound (unseen before)
spontaneously by a big band at Breminale–Festival.
Created in cooperation with Nevena Savic.

Patches of Protest
Documenting the Gezi-Park protests 2013 in Istanbul.
Multimedia Storytelling Format.
With interviews recorded aside the protesters camp in the Gezi-Park.

Strike again
An experimental visual-remix of the old Eisenstein movie "Strike".
Created as visual stage artwork for the mainstage at Fusion-Festival 2015, Germany.
Footage: Sergei Eisenstein, "Strike" 1925

PopUp X Marketstand
Demonstrating one of my design-projects.  Co-created with Lisa Ehehalt.
A multiflexible Pop Up-System furniture for Gröpelingen Marketing e.V.

The Pop-Up System is co-created with Lisa Ehehalt.

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